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How does domain hosting work for sites that later become exceptionally popular?

Say popular sites that we all visit, Google, Yahoo, popular messageboards, other search engines. When these sites initially start out do they use some average hosting site like Go Daddy, etc? Chosen Answer: You can start small and use shared hosting. If traffic becomes big, then you move to a dedicated server where only your [...]

How much does a virtual dedicated server cost to set up and maintain?

An internet search turns up ‘please ask a sales rep’ regarding the prices. What is the cost of the server machines? Also, what kind of energy, maintenance and manpower costs are involved? What are the factors to consider when choosing whether – to use a hosting company – to do it yourself Chosen Answer: Price [...]

Planning on leasing a dedicated server. Can I resell space and host web sites on it for clients?

I am planning to start an internet business. I want to sell back-up space, web site hosting..etc. Can I do this on a leased dedicated server? Chosen Answer: Hello, my friend! The answer to your question is of course you can! The problem is that you will have to install and setup everything (by that [...]

whats the cheapest dedicated server offer? company name or website needed?

Chosen Answer: I can only share with you the company I have used for a dedicated server. The price seems right to me and has been good. If you buy it for the year you can get it for less than 0/month US. I chose the Preconfigured Deluxe Plan which was more suitable for what [...]

any Web hosting experience ” I want to upgrade my shared hosting to dedicated hosting” ?

I want to upgrade my shared hosting to dedicated hosting ? do i lose any thing of my hosted content , i mean if i upgraded my website shared hosting to dedicated what may happen to my website page . Chosen Answer: If you are upgrading with the same company that hosted your shared hosting, [...]