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building my own dedicated server?

I have question about building a dedi server..I’m planning to service my dedicated server,can i limit how many people could be on the server or i can’t? and do u really a TB bandwidth connection? my connection is good at 50 mpbs, but i could upgrade my connection 101 mpb through my ISP…but not sure [...]

Dedicated Gaming Server?

I want to buy a Dedicated Gaming Server, i want it to be in the US maybe around the Areas of Dallas, Texas. I want it to have atleast 2gb of ram, 100mbit connections stuff like that, and i dont really want it to cost more that 150 dollars, anyone got any ideas? – David [...]

Dedicated hosting for a small business?

I’m a small business owner and need dedicated web hosting for my site. What hosting company has the best dedicated web hosting package for a small business? Chosen Answer: I’m also a small business owner and have used hostgators dedicated servers for 3 years. I use their basic package which is only 4 a month [...]

How hard is it to run a secure Linux server, with Apache, PHP, MySQL, and mail services?

I will be getting my own dedicated server soon and while I have a functional knowledge of the concepts of Linux, I don’t know everything. Will my server be reasonably secure if I am sure to keep everything updated and patched (assume there are no PHP scripts vulnerable to SQL injection etc.) Chosen Answer: Make [...]

How Do I Turn on My Dedicated Server On The Internet?

I Have Steams Dedicated Server. It Shows Up In Lan. But, None of My Friends Can Join. Plz Help! Chosen Answer: You will have to port forward to the server LAN address. Just forward the ports you need. (You can also set it as the DMZ — that ponits all internet traffic to that server. [...]

What kind of website is recommended for internet marketing?

I want to create a website for internet marketing business . but what kind of website should i need shared web hosting, vps or dedicated server? I am confused because i don’t know how to manage the website Chosen Answer: Internet marketing websites are all over the place today. I’d recommend a shared hosting if [...]

How do I connect to a dedicated server in COD 4 on pc?

Do I need to do anything to do this? Will I get better, lag-free gameplay on dedicated servers? I mean how to I do physically do it in the game? I don’t have any mods and just want to play a normal multiplayer game on a dedicated server Chosen Answer: Make sure you’re not using [...]

How do I host my website at my home?

What software/hardware do I need for this? Do I need a web server, a dedicated server, a regular server, or a web host server? What is the difference between these servers? I ask because I have a business and we want to be our own web host. What type of servers do web hosting companies [...]

What is a good FPS to play on a private lan that doesnt require a dedicated server?

A few friends are trying to hook up a small game network. We wont have internet acess on the network. All of us have laptops. Im pretty sure none of us have a dual core. and a 1 or two of us have dedicated video memory.. I would just load Americas Army but the dedicated [...]