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counter strike 1.6 dedicated server?

I started a counter strike dedicated server using the hdls tool. I have installed amxx mods as well. The server allows me to join in but not my friend or anyone else. Is my router blocking it or any other advice? I have a linksys cisco router. Chosen Answer: Yes basically You can have this [...]

I can’t connect to my own Counter-strike 1.6 dedicated server?

I downloaded the CS 1.6 dedicated server thing, and i can make the server okay, and i can see it come up in LAN, but when I try to connect to it myself It comes up with a message saying “You have no entry to the server” even though I made the server!! Can anyone [...]

How to install jailbreak mod to my counter strike 1.6 dedicated server?

ive created my server and installed some jailbreak maps for my server but when i start playing as a terrorist i get a gun or a knife instead of getting nothing, im not meant to get anything. so i want to know how to install jailbreak mod to my counter strike 1.6 dedicated server (the [...]

How can we play counter strike multiplyr witht creatng a dedicated server and also usng bots over the Internet?

Chosen Answer: you can open up your tools tab on the main screen of your STEAM GUI where it shows the community, the game list, etc. Once there you install the source dedicated server or whatever it is called, it will be there. Look up places online on how to set it up with anything [...]

How to get my friend to join my server on counter strike source?

When I first figured out I could map for css, i jumped right on it and now my friend bought css too and today was the first we were going to play on the new beta map i created but when i clicked create server and joined he couldn’t join! In friends it says no [...]

How do I make my dedicated server not say “server is not responding?”?

Every time someone tries to join my dedicated server on counter strike source it says “server is not responding” i have no clue why. Some people say to forward my ports… wtf does that mean?? please help Chosen Answer: Hi there, it basically means that you need to open up some ports so it can [...]

How do you get clients to download custom skins and models from a css dedicated server?

i would like to know how people get there Counter-Strike Source dedicated server to download custom skins and modals to the clients pc and use them the reason for this is because i would like people to download stuff from my dedicated server, so if someone could help me then it will be a great [...]

Does anybody know how to work a dedicated server for counter strike?

The dedicated server thing, i downloaded it from my games in steam and i connected to it and it works for me but it doesn’t work for my buddies, can anybody tell me why? And i look in it’s console and it tells me that it can’t connect to steam servers can anybody tell me [...]

Why do people rent dedicated servers?

whats the purpose and use of dedicated servers to people, particularly individuals and gamers? Chosen Answer: To host a website, or for game servers. Most people rent dedicated servers for their web space. It’s the server that holds all the files to their site. Dedicated servers can also be used to host game servers. Games [...]

How do i start a Counter Strike: Source Dedicated Server?

I bought the CSS CD about 6 months ago. On the steam platform i went to tools and downloaded “Source Dedicated Server” and i ran it. Now how do i join it? I cant see it in the “Find Servers” in Counter Strike Source. If i cant see it then probably no one can. A [...]