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building my own dedicated server?

I have question about building a dedi server..I’m planning to service my dedicated server,can i limit how many people could be on the server or i can’t? and do u really a TB bandwidth connection? my connection is good at 50 mpbs, but i could upgrade my connection 101 mpb through my ISP…but not sure [...]

What is a dedicated server?

I heard that COD: Ghost will run on a dedicated server on the Xbox One? What are the advantages of a dedicated server. I tried looking it up but I don’t understand the explanations. Thank you! Chosen Answer: Dedicated means COD: Ghosts will have their own servers and people will play on them. Gears of [...]

Minecraft Server Questions?

So. I just bought 64 gigs of RAM for my pc, I’m planning on making a huge minecraft server. But i have a few questions first. 1. How big of a hard drive would you need? (i have like 20 gigs left i think I’ll need more. 2. How many people could go on a [...]

Modern Warfare 2 No Dedicated Servers…?

I am new to PC gaming and wanted to know about dedicated servers. I was planning on buying Modern Warfare 2 until I read about the absence of dedicated servers and all the comments were nothing short of outrage. Boycotts have even been started on the game! I don’t know that much about dedicated servers, [...]

What makes a server a dedicated server?

I always hear about how certain games have dedicated servers like battlefield 3. Is there a reason why people go out of their way to use the term ‘dedicated servers’ rather than just servers? Chosen Answer: dedicated servers are used only for the purpose of hosting that games network, otherwise servers could also hold information [...]

How do people obtain the rights to sell Top Level Domain Names?

How can people sell domain names and hosting? Where do they get the domain names from? If I had my own server (or made my computer one), would I need to pay someone to host my website and to get a top level domain? Thanks! How do those places (like go daddy) get the Top [...]

How do I make my dedicated server not say “server is not responding?”?

Every time someone tries to join my dedicated server on counter strike source it says “server is not responding” i have no clue why. Some people say to forward my ports… wtf does that mean?? please help Chosen Answer: Hi there, it basically means that you need to open up some ports so it can [...]

How do you get the Master of Ceremonies achievement in R6V?

I know that you must host a dedicated server and get 16 people to join, but what is the game type that must be played? I’ve tried this on team sharpshooter and attack and defend game types with no success. If anyone knows how to get this it’d be greatly appreciated if you could help [...]

What is a dedicated server really, and why should i care?

of cousre i am talking about mw2 for the pc, and i don’t see what the big deal is. i know dedicated servers are run by people that can mod the game, kick annoying or high ping people, and all that other stuff, but is it really worth it? i know what you are saying [...]

How do create a remote access dedicated gaming server?

I have a computer that I don’t use, and I want to make it into a dedicated server computer for game servers. I want to have It where I can host other people servers on that computer and give them access to their server and files (to change/modify) from their computer. Chosen Answer: 1) You [...]