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Shared server hosting query?

My website is an ecommerce site on a shared server, which is hosted by my web design company through a hosting company. Do I have a legal right to the backend of the site eg. the coding? I can update the actual product pages via cubecart but want to do some SEO and can’t afford [...]

how to become a web host?

from whom does vario and yahoo get the licence to host website and register domains? if i want to start a company to provide domain name registration and webhosting in india, where should i get that licence? Chosen Answer: Best host for little fee Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. [...]

Can anyone recommend a good hosting and dedicated server company?

I have been shopping around for a web hosting and dedicated server provider for an online game being developed. But my brain is beginning to hurt as they all claim to be the cheapest/best! My current hosting company does not provide MySQL/PHP database support nor does it have a forum template, both things I need. [...]

Backup dedicated server how to do it?

Dedicated server backup? Hello everyone, I have a website and sometime the hosting company i am using have issues with their server which is make me lose a lot of money as i am running advertising campaigns and also ranking high on search engine my question to you guys how can i have a backup [...]

Eco-friendly web hosting ?

Does anyone have experiences with a fully eco-friendly web hosting company ? I’m trying to find some, but obviously I can not tell if they are truly sustainable , or just use it as a sales argument. What can you do further as web design company ? We already changed to working in day light [...]

Best dedicated server to host mp3s?

i own and i need a server like zshare but for my personal use to host mp3s. Chosen Answer: Try getting a Dedicated server at a large company, like 1and1 or HostGator by: NbLuFiRe12 on: 12th December 08

What is the best dedicated server for me?

Hi i have been looking at dedicated servers to host my file hosting website. But i am not to Shaw on what dedicated server is the best one for my needs. And with the network port type will i get that speed as well as my website because i have been told that its like [...]

Cheap Dedicated hosting. Where can I find cheap affordable dedicated web hosting?

I’m a small business owner and would like dedicated web hosting for the company web site. Who offers the best most affordable web hosting service? Chosen Answer: I prefer for dedicated web hosting. 4 a month Intel Xeon 3040 (Dual Core) 1 GB DDR Memory 250 GB Hard Drive 1,500 GB Bandwidth 5 Dedicated [...]

Dedicated hosting for a small business?

I’m a small business owner and need dedicated web hosting for my site. What hosting company has the best dedicated web hosting package for a small business? Chosen Answer: I’m also a small business owner and have used hostgators dedicated servers for 3 years. I use their basic package which is only 4 a month [...]

Which hosting company is the best to buy?

I want to buy a domain and hosting for my personal purpose and want to know public opinion. Chosen Answer: With today technology, almost all hosting company gives the same basic quality. So, if you are only talking about domain and hosting, most of them are basically quite the same. However, it will be different [...]