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Are dedicated servers better than shared servers?

Chosen Answer: Yes virtual dedicated servers is the best if you need some information just check here virtual dedicated servers virtual dedicated servers in this site you can buy it by: Iliyan on: 11th February 13

hosting my own website with a server….HOW???

I want to start a website that can cater for high bandwidth. I have been told that I will need a server as most web hosts wont allow high bandwidth. My website will hopefully be as big as youtube. So the server must be capable of high bandwidth so users can upload movies and pics. [...]

I need to understand what a dedicated server is?

I play in video game tournies online and with the new xbox one they promised dedicated servers. My friend told me that it is comparable to a LAN server, and is like playing on LAN, and he said that your internet speed does not matter nearly as much. My internet sucks and I dont want [...]

Do you know that what is a dedicated server?

I want to know it because next month i will buy a website for my personal purpose. Please learn me about dedicated server.. Chosen Answer: There are three type of web host shared host is the most basic type, you share a server with other user VPS mean virtual private server. You site will be [...]

What is the purpose of having a dedicated server?

I need answer this is for my exam please Chosen Answer: The main purpose of having a dedicated server is its performance and reliability. They also have great security as nobody else has access to the server except you. You can custom your configuration and install special softwares for particular needs. You will have your [...]

Affordable Minecraft server hosting?

I’m looking for am minecraft server host that can hold up to 8 or 10 players and it’s not too expensive. I’m fairly new to minecraft and want to share the fun with family and friends but I don’t want to pay huge monthly fees and I need it to be easy to use, like [...]

Shared server hosting query?

My website is an ecommerce site on a shared server, which is hosted by my web design company through a hosting company. Do I have a legal right to the backend of the site eg. the coding? I can update the actual product pages via cubecart but want to do some SEO and can’t afford [...]

Is It Okay To Run A Small Home-Dedicated Game Server?

I was wondering if it is a good idea to run a home dedicated game server for friends ect. for games like css, and wow (noone told u that ) cus i have mainly been but off stuff like “your upload has to be super awesome” and “your bandwith has to be really good”. Jus [...]

I want to buy server.I have websites. If i have traffic more than 100.000 day what kind of server should i buy?

I want to run my own server. I will run video streaming content website. I have more than 10 projects. if i have more than 100.000 users downloading video, what kind of server should i buy. I mean operative memory,motherboard and etc.At the moment using godaddy and not satisfied with their vpn. Chosen Answer: Servers [...]

counter strike 1.6 dedicated server?

I started a counter strike dedicated server using the hdls tool. I have installed amxx mods as well. The server allows me to join in but not my friend or anyone else. Is my router blocking it or any other advice? I have a linksys cisco router. Chosen Answer: Yes basically You can have this [...]