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Can anyone recommend a good hosting and dedicated server company?

I have been shopping around for a web hosting and dedicated server provider for an online game being developed. But my brain is beginning to hurt as they all claim to be the cheapest/best! My current hosting company does not provide MySQL/PHP database support nor does it have a forum template, both things I need. [...]

Network of Dedicated Servers?

I am looking for a number of servers (say 40 dedicated machines) each with their own IP, not in the same IP address range, spread around the world. It can be Linux of windows PCs. Does anyone know of a good solution or service for this? I have looked into EC2 from Amazon but they [...]

I need a cheap dedicated server for my gaming host?

Hello i am opening a gaming host named and selling minecraft servers. But i have looked high and low for dedicated servers for it and can not find a dedicated server cheap. Here are the Specs i need on it. Specs ************* Needs to have a good amount of GHz 32 GB Or More [...]

Backup dedicated server how to do it?

Dedicated server backup? Hello everyone, I have a website and sometime the hosting company i am using have issues with their server which is make me lose a lot of money as i am running advertising campaigns and also ranking high on search engine my question to you guys how can i have a backup [...]

building my own dedicated server?

I have question about building a dedi server..I’m planning to service my dedicated server,can i limit how many people could be on the server or i can’t? and do u really a TB bandwidth connection? my connection is good at 50 mpbs, but i could upgrade my connection 101 mpb through my ISP…but not sure [...]

what is the difference between a Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Server?

Chosen Answer: Virtual Dedicated server is powered on a (usually biG) server, splitted into many independant “sub-systems” using a Virtual Machine technology. like Xen, VMware or others, what you one of those “subsystems”. Usually cheaper than dedicated systems, most of them performs very reliable and have the same functionality. A dedicated system is a [...]

Eco-friendly web hosting ?

Does anyone have experiences with a fully eco-friendly web hosting company ? I’m trying to find some, but obviously I can not tell if they are truly sustainable , or just use it as a sales argument. What can you do further as web design company ? We already changed to working in day light [...]

Whats a good dedicated mincraft server host?

I’m looking for a good minecraft server hosts. Here are some of the things im looking for. -Dedicated server -Inexpensive -Reliable -Comes included with a website and possibly a vent or Teamspeak. -Needs to be able to work with database dependent plugins such as Hawkeye Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

Best dedicated server to host mp3s?

i own and i need a server like zshare but for my personal use to host mp3s. Chosen Answer: Try getting a Dedicated server at a large company, like 1and1 or HostGator by: NbLuFiRe12 on: 12th December 08